and acknowledgements

I'm David Frohman, President of Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., and I would like to welcome you to our corporate website!

Since 1997, Peachstate has grown into one of the world's premiere specialists and dealers of American space artifacts and memorabilia.

Within the museum section of this site, you will see many treasures sold by Peachstate since 1997, including some of the most historic artifacts of America's space program!

Over the decades, we have bought and sold millions of dollars worth of space material, and in doing so helped endow some of the world's finest private space collections.

The data in this website is information that Peachstate considers accurate, and in many cases was furnished directly to us by the original pioneer astronauts and their families.

However, the field of space collectibles is a relatively new area of collecting, and as such very little universally-accepted reference material exists.

Therefore, while I must caution you to apply "Caveat Emptor" to this website's contents, I hope that you will find the contents of this website both fascinating and enlightening.

Over the years, I have enjoyed making the acquaintance of hundreds of people in our wonderful field, ranging from our clientele to various astronauts and their families.

While it is impossible to thank everyone personally here, I would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions made to our firm by certain individuals.

First and foremost, thank you to Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell, Alan L. Bean, General Charles M. Duke, Jr., Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr., Christopher Roosa, and Eugene A. Cernan.

Their contributions, both personally and professionally, remain beyond measure!

I also wish to thank Joan Aldrin, Barbara Cernan, Dotty Duke, Nancy Conrad, Leslie Bean, Linda Gordon, Sue Bean, Lois Aldrin, Jan Cernan, and Claire Johnson.

Thanks to Daniel Gruenbaum of the Kennedy Space Center, Max Ary of the "Omniplex", and Chris Orwoll and Jim Remar of the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center.

I would also like to recognize our wonderful legal team, including attorneys Armen Vartian of Los Angeles and Scott Taylor of Atlanta.

Peachstate is also fortunate to work with an exceptional accounting team that includes Alan Epstein, CPA of Atlanta, and David Zurbriggen, CPA of San Antonio. I would also like to recognize Ashley Myers of our technical support staff!

In conclusion, please enjoy the website and   "Ad Astra" !

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