Welcome to our Museum!
Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc. is one of the world's largest and most active dealers,
consultants, and appraisers in the finest artifacts of the pioneer American space program.

Since Peachstate's 1997 launch, we have sold thousands of autographs and manuscripts,
along with countless space artifacts that were actually flown in space or used on the Moon.

Peachstate sells dozens of items monthly at auction, or via our companies group e-mail list.
If you are not currently a member of our group e-mail list, then I cordially invite you to join it.

As a group e-mail member, you will then be among the very first to see our latest inventory!
Please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to add you to our firm's group e-mail list.

As one of the few dealers with direct ties to the pioneer Apollo astronauts and their families,
I have unparalleled knowledge of their personal holdings (in many cases I cataloged them).

I would be delighted to put my unique knowledge and connections to work for you, and act
as your personal representative in acquiring the finest artifacts directly from the astronauts!

Indeed, since 1997, I have literally cataloged and appraised thousands of lunar artifacts for
the pioneer astronauts, their families, various governmental entities, and even the "USGA".

Yes, I was the individual selected to appraise the legendary golf club used by Alan Shepard
on the Moon for the United States Golf Association (the "USGA") in 2007!

I also invite you to advise me of your current holdings. Peachstate is one of the most active
purchasers of quality space material, and I invite you to let us know what you have for sale.

That being said, the following section is a unique on - line retrospective consisting of choice
inventory sold by Peachstate over the decades since 1997.

The purpose of this section is to give you an unparalleled opportunity to view vast quantities
of Peachstate inventory, and thus gain an insight into the collecting possibilities in our field!

Indeed, you will see items that are in many cases among the finest space artifacts ever sold!

They include Aldrin's "Lunar Communion Bag", Edgar Mitchell's actual spacesuit name tag,
Apollo 17 Lunar Rover Maps, Apollo 16 and 17 Moon Rock Manifests, and other treasures.

These are the very types of items that Peachstate deals in for our clientele on a regular basis!

You may also see previously-sold items that you would like to acquire for your own collection.
If so, please contact me and I can attempt to broker the artifact to you from its current owner.

Finally, I will continue to archive unique and / or exceptional items to this museum as they sell,
for both reference purposes and your viewing pleasure.