Edgar Mitchell's Spacesuit Nametag

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Edgar D. Mitchell's

Apollo 14 Spacesuit Name Tag

Worn by Edgar Mitchell on the Moon,
and one of the great iconic lunar artifacts in private hands!

Few artifacts have the iconic status of an Apollo astronaut's name tag worn on the moon.
Accordingly, we are extremely proud to present Edgar Mitchell's spacesuit name tag that
was worn on his spacesuit during both of his moonwalks, and is coated with lunar dust!

When dealing with an artifact of this historical magnitude, proper documentation is critical,
and accordingly this item bears a flight-certification certificate directly from Edgar Mitchell.
This name tag was also sonically-sealed in an archival housing for long-term preservation.

This item is one of only twelve Apollo spacesuit name tags ever worn on the lunar surface,
and today it remains one of only three or four believed to currently reside in private hands!
Notably, Armstrong's and Aldrin's name tags are on permanent display at the Smithsonian.

Jim Irwin's Apollo 15 four-piece spacesuit patch set sold at Christies in 2001 for $358,000.00, 
followed by Charlie Duke's complete Apollo 16 set through Heritage in 2008 for $350,000.00.
Given their iconic nature, it would not surprise me to see a future price point of $500,000.00.

Also in 2001, astronaut Charles Conrad's Apollo 12 spacesuit name tag  was offered for sale
as an individual item for $275,000.00, and is believed to have been sold in a retail transaction.
Of note, astronaut Alan Bean's name tag no longer exists, having been used in his paintings.

Accordingly, with Armstrong's and Aldrin's name tags permanently held by the Smithsonian,
and Bean's no longer extant, only nine moonwalker name tags could ever be privately owned.
Of those nine, most will likely remain part of intact four-patch sets selling for over $350,000.00.

With two confirmed sales of intact four-patch sets in the neighborhood of $350,000.00 each,
let me now attempt to realistically quantify each patch's individual value within the sets    .....

1) The American Flag, representing each set's most valuable patch, at approximately $100,000.00

2) The Mission Patch, NASA Emblem Patch, and the Name Tag at approximately $85,000.00 each


The Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell Space Collection