Duke's Apollo 11 "CAPCOM" Headset

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The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing CAPCOM Headset

Representing one of the most important icons of human exploration

It was through this headset that Apollo 11 CAPCOM Charles M. Duke, Jr.
talked Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin down to Tranquility Base!

"Contact Light, OK, Engine Stop"

"We Copy you Down, Eagle"

"Houston, Tranquility Base Here the Eagle has landed"

The above quotes, transmitted through this headset, climax what many consider to be
the most important conversation in history mankind's first landfall on another world!

On the evening of July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon. During their
fateful descent and landing, they were in contact with only one man on Earth: Charles M. Duke, Jr.

As the Apollo 11 crew's landing CAPCOM, Duke was their contact person back in mission control,
where he used this headset to literally talk Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin down onto the Moon.

Thus, the entire drama of the Apollo 11 landing, and consequently every historic exchange between
Duke, Armstrong and Aldrin were transmitted through this actual microphone and earpiece!

Charles M. Duke, Jr. long ago recognized the historic importance of his headset, and has accordingly
preserved it in his space collection after NASA presented it to him as a memento of that night.

In 2007, Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc. was honored to have the opportunity to carefully
document this artifact with General Duke, and prepare it for passage to the next generation.


The Charles M. Duke, Jr. Space Collectionm