Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Core Tube Socket

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The Apollo 16 Core Tube Socket

Hammered directly into the surface of the Moon

One of the rarest and most significant lunar artifacts on Earth!

We are pleased to offer one of the rarest of all possible lunar artifacts ;
namely, an object that literally touched the actual surface of the Moon!

While any item that landed on the Moon is of the highest rarity, the most
desirable of all is one that literally touched the actual lunar surface itself.

The accompanying Apollo 16 "Core Tube Socket" is one such treasure!

This socket joined the various sections of the "Core Tube Sampler" that
was literally hammered into the Moon by Charlie Duke and John Young.
Once withdrawn, the core tube contained a cross-section of lunar strata.

Further, this unique tool not only literally touched the face of the moon,
but was also photographed while inserted into the actual lunar surface!

This remarkable object literally represents one of only a handful of items
currently residing on Earth to ever make physical contact with the Moon!

Accordingly, it is a surreal object that is unique and irreplaceable!


The Charles M. Duke, Jr. Space Collection